About us

Nadaje Broadcasting was founded in 2007 as a response to growing demand for professional and versatile streaming services in Poland. Our team come from radio and TV backgrounds, and this rich hands­on experience became the foundation of our present expertise.

Since the very beginning, we were on the forefront of the industry, quickly penetrating into foreign markets. At the present, we are based in Worclaw, Poland and London, UK. Our international presence allows us to take part in the most important events for the business.

We build our brand upon the trust of our clients, whom we provide with reliable and useful tools tailored to their needs. A wish to give voice to anyone who wants to broadcast is the motor of our actions. Besides our international activity, we support local and independent initiatives taken in the field of culture or social welfare.

Nine years of broadcasting experience

What we do

We are leaders in audio and video broadcasting services in Poland. In addition, we provide our live streaming solutions to over 200 radio and TV stations throughout Europe. In order to meet our clients’ expectations, we created a comprehensive set of solutions based on our in-depth knowledge of users’ online behaviour and needs.

Our audio solutions include: Radio Hosting streaming for radio stations; MyRadio radio in the cloud for individual users; Instore ­ audio marketing for chain stores. Clients interested in video streaming can choose from several tools: Live all­inclusive support of live events; Video Streams ­ streaming for mass audience; IPcams streaming from IP cameras

Our advantages over the mainstream players in the industry are numerous and include: minimum transmission delays, ad­free broadcasting, one­day offers and excellent network location, among others. Moreover, clients are provided with players to embed on their websites, which means more traffic directed to their page and as a result more visibility for their brands.

Within the Nadaje Broadcasting group operate Radio.nadaje.com (a listing of radio stations with over 200,000 unique users per month) and Portal Medialny (a website featuring news from the media and advertising industries, which generates 250,000 hits per month).

Our technology

With our international network of servers located in the Netherlands (AMS1 10Gbps, Amsterdam), Poland (PLIX 10Gbps, Warsaw) and Germany (Hetzner 1Gbps), we are able to provide our clients with a high­quality live streaming services throughout Europe.

Our activity revolves around hosting services on our dedicated servers and we make of reliable routing our priority. We partner with the biggest data centres that deploy redundant fiber­optic cables directly connected to the infrastructure of the major telecommunications operators.

We’re keeping pace with the latest technology in regard to servers maintenance and administration, broadcasting for the internet as well as multi­camera video production. Our team is constantly on the lookout for new trends and ideas emerging across the industry, so that our clients can get the most relevant advices and up­to­date solutions.

In our work we benefit from open­source software which we favour as a socially advantageous and reliable tool continually put to the test and enhanced by a community of users. The services we offer are based on an in­house developed software that we combine with solutions provided by the leader of the video streaming industry ­ Wowza Streaming Engine. All this allows us to conform to the latest standards in our field.